“My vision is … to be a Blessing to you!”

The Lord often uses me to teach His Word. Sometimes He’ll use me in the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”. And still other times He’ll allow me to bless people through other means. Whatever His methods, I appreciate your openness to His ways.

While it is not my goal to run a business, it is paramount that I do everything possible to bring the Love of God and the Mercy of God to you. If this means making certain teachings available by MP3, CD, or DVD … then I’m open to that. If it means making certain teachings available in book form then I’m also open to that. The main point is … whatever I do… it must be a blessing to you.

Having said that … as the Lord directs … we will be making some materials available for purchase … meanwhile, in our efforts to bless you we have made our written teaching materials and some audio teachings available without charge.  So, please take advantage of everything on our web site. It’s all free … just to bless you.

Thank you for your patience.

In the Master’s service,

Roger Hicks

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