India Minister’s Conference and Miracle Crusade


1500 Ministers Attended Our Coimbatore, India “Minister’s Conference” … for 5 days. There was such hunger, and appreciation for the teaching of the Word of God. Testimonies came forth during the week, stating that lives had been totally changed by this week of Ministry. Many said they’d NEVER be the same … after this week.

In addition to ministering at two different churches in Coimbatore, Brother Hicks ministered to 106 boys at “Home of Hope” orphanage. In addition to traditional school subjects, these boys learn 5 languages and study the Bible daily. However, the most amazing thing of all is that they pray together in Chapel every evening for one hour, before going to the evening meal. The calling of God was evident on several of them.

Pastor Hicks “Ordained 650 Ministers” into the Ministry at the conclusion of the week. Thursday was set aside as “Holy Ghost” day. God did not disappoint us! Brother Hicks had asked that the orphans (who’d been praying for the meetings for two months) be brought to the meetings for the day. Being able to “see” with their own eyes, “Demonstrations of the Holy Ghost and the Demonstrations of the Power of God”  would be something that would help them for the rest of their lives. Witnessing these manifestations of the Holy Spirit, was a wonderful reward for their faithfulness in praying for the meetings.

5,000 Posters “decorated” every conceivable wall in the City of Kanigiri, India where we held nightly “Miracle Crusades.” Many gave their lives to Jesus. Many were filled with the Holy Spirit. And many were healed, including some instantaneous healings. One mother brought her demon possessed daughter to be delivered, The girl was instantly set free from demonic possession by the power of God.

Side entry to Miracle Crusade grounds … where God did mighty things. Many gave their lives to Jesus during these meetings. Banner shows Pastor Hicks (left) and Brother Harry Gomes (right). It was Brother Gomes’ Ministry that invited Pastor Hicks to India to hold these two weeks of meetings.


“Holy Ghost Meetings and Healing Revivals”

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